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― home to the brightest companies and people in Tartu


sTARTUp HUB is a startup and technology community center at Tartu Town Hall Square for teams, startups and freelancers who are interested in self-development.


Office Spaces

sTARTUp HUB forms a close community of over 100 people with office spaces for IT and technology startups, established companies, and entrepreneurship supporting structures.

Through open space kitchens and lounge areas sTARTUp HUB creates the perfect environment for people who want to network and share their experiences & knowledge in the business world. All sTARTUp HUB members have access to in-house entrepreneurial events, useful information, and contacts in the startup ecosystem. 

We also work hard to offer various types of self-development opportunities - starting with reading groups to running a .Cocoon 1-year self-development program for startup founders. You can also join mentoring groups or attend psychology events to learn more about yourself. You can find information about self-development opportunities from .Cocoonity page.

Available Spaces

We are constantly expanding and building new awesome working spaces. Contact us and get info about offices available in sTARTUp HUB. There's also a possibility to rent by the desk, contact us for more info.

Companies renting office space in sTARTUp HUB

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Book an Event Room

Living room

Without room preparation 

moving tables and chairs
35 € + VAT / hour
120 € + VAT starting from 4 hours
200 € + VAT / for events lasting after 11 pm

Room preparation included

moving tables and chairs
55 € + VAT / hour
170 € + VAT starting from 4 hours
250 € + VAT for events lasting after 11 pm

Up to 40 people sitting, without tables / 20 with tables


About sTARTUp Hub

sTARTUp HUB is one of the two .Contriber hubs in Tartu. sTARTUp HUB opened its doors on September 2015. Our younger brother Spark HUB welcomed the first house member about half a year later and an official opening followed in September 2016.

SPARK HUB and sTARTUp HUB are essential members of the .Contriber family. The main idea behind .Contriber is entrepreneurship as a way of self-development and both hub members are constantly proving it. Both house members are welcome to join any of the self-development events organized by .Cocoonity.

Together we form a united community of IT and technology companies and serve as the main venues for startup and entrepreneurial events in Tartu. We have hosted more than 200 events with over 10,000 attendees. Our hubs are home to 50+ companies and 500+ innovative people and we keep expanding.

You can also visit the two restaurants in our building - Vassilissa and Cafe Truffe. 




Rein Lemberpuu

sTARTUp HUB Founder

Kristiina Kodanik

Real Estate manager

+372 502 5370


Riin Lisett Rei


+372 59086451


Joosep Sild

Maintenance Manager


Triin Sarri

.Cocoonity Manager


Startup Hub OÜ

Raekoja Plats 16

Tartu, Estonia

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