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Workspace Rent

Rent a personal workspace in the Tartu Town Hall Square!


In addition to bigger office spaces, you can rent a workspace by a table in the shared office space in .Kompanii HUB with 24/7 access. The tenants can use kitchen areas across the building, drink unlimited coffee, use seminar/meeting rooms, and access WiFi.


1 month 

Table at the common office

  • Dedicated table at the Town Hall Square

  • 24/7 access

  • 1h session with a Life Coach

  • Book meeting rooms for free

  • Kitchen access, unlimited coffee and tea

  • Lounge and health corners

  • Free printing

  • WiFi


Price per one month,

VAT will be added

200 €

Life coaching

Session once per month

Life coaching offers a different perspective on the challenges that are currently active in one's life. With the support from our mentors, you can take another look at your challenge, be it with your relationships, family, health, career choices, or personal inner growth, and find ways to tackle your challenge. Life coaching can be used as a sparring partner to discuss your ideas or approaches. The mentor will support you in getting clarity and setting the targets needed to achieve your goals by listening and mirroring back to you. Mentors will also support you and keep you accountable for making things happen.​

Life coaching is a service you can add to your sTARTUp Hub contract.

English and Estonian mentors are from .Contriber. 

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